“Tantra enhances your spiritual belief in your own religion.  You don’t have to stop loving Jesus, or Allah, or Buddha.  Tantra is the awareness and mastery of your energy Creation System.” -Benjamin Wade

GoddessBless.org’s purpose is to spread awareness about the unjust treatment of the members of the Phoenix Goddess Temple.   For over a year and a half the Temple family has been waiting for their trial in the state of Arizona.  Women have lost their homes, families, and have been unable to speak to one another through these trying times. One of the Temple Mothers, Tamara, even lost her life. With the no contact order, the Temple Family has not been allowed to mourn her death together.   We want to stand up for our rights to Freedom of Religion and Freedom of the mind, body and spirit which is being suppressed. The Temple has been wronged by the use of malicious prosecution and excessive force.

To receive the much needed help from the ACLU, we need 10,000 signatures. Please sign the petition so we can reach our goal.

You can also help by donating to our legal defense funds.